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Steklov Mathematical Institute

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Logical Models of Reasoning and Computation

Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow
May 5-8, 2008

International conference "Logical models of reasoning and computation" will take place at Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow, Russia, from 5.05.2008 to 8.05.2008. The conference will cover a variety of topics in theoretical and applied logic centered around the notions of proof and computation.

Topics include but are not restricted to: proof theory, constructive logics, realizability, modal logic, Lambek calculus and linear logic, provability logics and algebras, formal arithmetic and fragments. Topics in applied logic include: methods of automated and interactive proof search, term rewriting, categorial grammars and other applications in linguistics, multi-agent systems and epistemic reasoning, proof complexity, computational complexity.

All talks will be invited. A post-conference proceedings volume is planned.

Program committee:
S. Adian (chair), L. Beklemishev (vice-chair), M. Baaz (Vienna), M. Parigot (Paris), A. Visser (Utrecht)

Steklov Mathematical Institute
Gubkina 8, 119991 GSP-1 Moscow, Russia (map)
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e-mail: lmrc08@mi.ras.ru